Monday, 15 July 2013

2Pac's unreleased discography

This blog is dedicated to Tupac Shakur's unreleased material.

The original and unreleased recordings have a really important place in 2Pac's career. First, they are really worth listening, in spite of the lack of a final sound cleaning. This even gives a different taste of his musical universe, a raw taste. A lot of tracks he recorded during his lifetime have been shelved (maybe half of what he recorded !) not in reason of their quality but because labels dare not to publish them (for example the Thug Life period), because events ('94 shooting), because 2Pac changed his artistic view after meeting new producers (Death Row signature...), because he put them aside for another project never completed, because he couldn't clear the sample (like for "Late Night") and most of all because 2Pac, called a workaholic by lot of his friends, recorded so many songs that he and his labels had to choose, to select.

There are many gems among all these original and unreleased and they can tell you an alternative but faithful story of Tupac.

2Pac's discography is wide and complicated, especially when we add all the unreleased part. The ratio of leftover tracks in his work during his lifetime is about 1/2 (much more if there is yet a lot of unleaked material). Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur and Death Row Records through Amaru Entertainment have already published a huge amount of them, but barely in its original form, often in a remixed and anachronistic way who - according to most of fans - deserves Pac's skills. Except for R U Still Down ? which was partially faithful to 2Pac's work, the posthumous albums offer a wrong, polished, commercial, view of 2Pac. Even as bad as that, they gathered collection of songs without taking care of initial projects of 2Pac, without artistic view or chronological order...

The problem in the discography of 2Pac’s unreleased materials is easy to get : there are so many unrealeased materials that it’s difficult to organize them in a coherent way, in order to listen them in their best context. For instance, when you listen to a 1991′s song like "Hymn of the 90′s Nigga" among Death Row’s tracks like "Late Night" or "Secretz of War", it would appear as a really bad track in comparison. It would get a full effect among stuff from the same period as "I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto". Almost all the "Makaveli" bootlegs, like Amaru's albums seem to have been gathered at random. Succession of the tracks is chaotic.

The purpose of this blog is to offer a complete reorganized discography of 2Pac’s original and unreleased materials, with bootlegs which chronologically respect music and inspiration of Tupac, and which have internal harmonized organisation.

Different things can help with that. First, the lyrics of course can give informations at what period and for which project the song was recorded for. The sound, the mix, can as well indicate which session the record is from. And, we can be helped by the informations 2Pac let in interviews, and in handwritten papers (handwritten tracklists). We can find a lot of informations here.

2Pac has had many projects, the one shelved, the one forgotten, the other transformed... He was planning his albums before recording or even writing. His albums are more than compilations.
Here is a list of titles of albums/projects :
- Benefits of Poverty
- Strictly Representin'
- Tales of a 90's Nigga (e.p. with leftover tracks from 2Pacalypse Now)
- Troublesome 21/Black Starry Night (songs: Mr. Troublesome, Changes...)
- Strugglin' / Point The Finga (alternative titles for Strictly 4 My Niggaz)
- Mr. Middle Finga
- Fragile - Thug 4 Life / Thugz 4 Life (name given to the live tour with Thug Life, Live Squad & Biggie during 93)
1993-1994 : Thug Life Sessions
- Out On Bail
- Nothing 2 Lose
- Stay True (alternative title for Thug Life: Volume 1)
1994 : Me Against The World Sessions
- Youthanasia Amerikaz/ F.T.W. (Fuck The World)  (alternative titles for Me Against The World)
- Amerikaz Crucify  (alternative title for Me Against The World)
- Dramacyde Dramacydal / Pleasure of $in (title for the first Young Thugz/Dramacydal album, as well known as Revenge is Sweet)
- R U Still Down ? (project of an Interscope compilation in the perspective of staying behind bars, before Death Row signature - leftover tracks from Thug Life/Me Against The World)
- Relentless
- Supreme Euthanasia / Euthanasia / Euthanasia Supreme (alternative titles for All Eyez on Me) (Don't Make Enemies, Secretz of War, Sucka 4 Love, Soon As I Get Home)
- When I Get Free (alternative All Eyez on Me title, then a compilation of remade tracks : "92-96 lost tracks")
- Outlaw Immortalz: Thug Life Volume II (with the original lineup of 2Pac+Dramacydal+Big Syke+Mopreme)
- 100% Black Gold (Hit Em Up, Wordz 2 My First Born, When Thugz Cry, Fuckin With The Wrong Nigga...)

- Troublesome: Tha Secretz of War / War Woundz
- One Nation (planned to be in 2 or 3 parts, East Coast/West Coast... maybe one with all Death Row artists) (Thug Love, Untouchablez)
- Killuminati / Makaveli, The Don Killuminati, The 3 Day Theory (known as the demo version of The 7 Day Theory) (Killuminati, Let Em Have It, Friendz, Watch Ya Mouth, Niggaz Nature...)
- Rulez of The Game / Ghetto Starz with Outlawz (Black Jezus, Runnin on E, Lost Souls, Hell 4 A Hustla...)


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