1996 - Makaveli, The 3 Day Theory (Demo)

Makaveli, The 3 Day Theory (Demo) 

This is the Demo version of the album "Makaveli, The Don Killuminati, The 7 Day Theory". First called "Makaveli, Killuminati", then "Makaveli, The 3 Day Theory". If You look at the tracklists, "Me & My Girlfriend" finished by replace "Niggaz Nture". A new version of "Toss It Up" dissing Dr. Dre replaced "Watch Ya Mouth" (with his Nas diss) and "Life of an Outlaw replaced "Lost Soulz".

Tracklist :
1. Bomb First (Demo)
2. Hail Mary (Demo)
3. Krazy (Demo)
4. Watch Ya Mouth (Demo)
5. To Live & Die In L.A. (Demo)
6. Friends (Demo)
7. Blasphemy (Demo)
8. Hold Ya Head (Demo)
9. Lost Souls (Demo)
10. White Man'z World (Demo)
11. Niggaz Nature (Demo)
12. Against All Odds (Demo)
13. The 3 Day Theory (Interlude)
14. When Thugz Cry (Demo)

Alternate version of the album


  1. where can we download these songs from?

  2. check out datpiffhttp://www.datpiff.com/profile/MoonVault/mixtapes/2http://www.datpiff.com/profile/MoonVault/mixtapes/1