1996 - One Nation

Not a bad cover for this project 
(because it doesn't emphasize on the Boot Camp Clik : there are other guests)
"One Nation" is the name of the east coast/west coast collaboration album that Pac was preparing in june 1996. Because he wanted to connect both of the coasts, to prove that his feud with Bad Boy and Mobb Deep wasn't a coast rivalry but a human's rivalry. At a time, the project was even supposed to have three parts : West side, East side, and another one...

This project has been unofficially bootlegged many times with a lot of wrong tracks to complete the obvious short tracklisting with BCC, Greg Nice & co. (they sometimes add "Initiated" or "Struggle Continues" that are from 95... or fake track with Snoop/BCC or the Daz "Only Move 4 The Money"...). One of the good idea of one of these bootlegs called One Love, One Thug, One Nation with 2 discs, one with west side, the second with east side. But the compilation also gathered tracks from any times and sessions.

A good part of the team

There are some 2Pac's handwritten tracklists (here is a copy of them) of the One Nation project. On the projects, there are tracks that have never been recorded, you can read Greg Nice and the BCC, but also guests like Scarface, E-40, Grand Puba, Raekwon, Ghostface...  2Pac will record songs with E-40 and Scarface, but clearly not for One Nation. In the two tracklists, 2Pac includes only two tracks to the usual tracks (with BCC, Greg Nice...) ; I think the track called "One Nation" is in fact "My Own Style", the verses of the Outlawz end by "one nation" - not "U Don't Have 2 Worry" recorded in march... We chose to not include "Thug Luv" and "Untouchables" in order to keep them to form the backbone of the west coast part of One Nation.

In our compilation One Nation, we chose to fit to the second tracklisting purposed by 2Pac because it includes all the tracks obviously from One Nation (except "My Own Style" and "Basket Case (skit)" that we added at the end), and furthermore the result is awesome !

So, all the songs here have been recorded at the same period (2nd half of june).

The productions of that project are widely unusual. Only some tracks like "Secretz of War" sound usual (but it is the third version of an AEOM leftover track...).

A beautiful cover for a poor unofficial release
(unfortunately a bootleg with low sound qulity and wrong tracks).

Tracklist :
1. Coast II Coast (Thug Nigga) feat. Capital LS & Asu
2. World Wide Dime Piece feat. Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu & Snoop Dogg
3. Brothaz At Armz feat. Boot Camp Clik
4. Let's Fight (Jawz Tight) feat. Capital LS, Boot Camp Clik, Outlawz & Numskull
5. Set It Off feat. Asu, Boot Camp Clik, Capital LS, Greg Nice & Jewell
6. Secretz of War [version III] feat. Outlawz
7. Never Call U Bitch Again [version II] feat. Cocoa Brovaz & Jewell
8. We Rock The Hip Hop (by Outlawz, Capital LS, Greg Nice, Asu & Kurupt)
9. Tattoo Tearz [version II] feat. Outlawz
10. How Many Shots Will It Take (by Outlawz & The Furious Five)
11. Military Minds feat. Boot Camp Clik
12. My Own Style (One Nation) feat. Greg Nice & Outlawz
13. Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) feat. Greg Nice - Studio Philosophy (Interlude)
14. Criminal Timez (Lost Troublesome Verse)
15. Can U Relate (by Outlawz & Asu)
16. Untouchable (Drunken Freestyle)

In my opinion, this cover is not that bad.


01. Coast II Coast (Thug Nigga) feat. Capital LS, Asu / Kurupt
  • 6/17/96. Also known as "Trump Tight". But it is the title of another song by Big Syke, Kurupt & Kadafi (also known as "Dump on Site") that use the same music.
02. World Wide Dime Piece feat. Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu & Snoop Dogg / Kurupt
  • 6/15/96.
03. Brothaz At Armz feat. Buckshot & Cocoa Brovaz (aka Smif N Wessun) / ?
  • 6/15/96. At this time, Tek & Steele couldn't use their original group name "Smif N Wessun".
04. Let's Fight (Jawz Tight) feat. Capital LS, Cocoa Brovaz, Buckshot (Black Moon), Edi, Numskull (Luniz), Napoleon & Kadafi  / Daz
  • 6/15/96. Remixed in the unofficial Makaveli & Dillinger EP (1998, DPG). Also planned to be in the 2Pac+Outlawz' Ghetto Starz album in the late summer, but it is possible that there is another unleaked version of the track.
05. Set It Off feat. Asu, Cocoa Brovaz, Capital LS, Greg Nice, Buckshot & Jewell / Greg Nice
  • 6/19/96. 
06. Secretz of War [version III] feat. Hussein, Kadafi & Young Noble / Johnny J
  • Remixed in Still I Rise (1999, Interscope). This version has totally different verses from the first recorded version in 1995 for Euthanasia/All Eyes on Me album. A second version probably has been recorded earlier for Troublesome/The Secretz of War project. In this third version, Young Noble added his verse, 2Pac his outro, the mix is renewed ; but the verse from Kadafi is here uncomplete, waiting for a second pass.
  • Sample : Willie Hutch - Brother's Gonna Work It Out 
07. Never Call U Bitch Again [version II] feat. Cocoa Brovaz & Jewell / Johnny J
  • Unknown recording date but it sounds the same than the other tracks (and it features the Cocoa Brovaz...), and it is included in the tracklists of One Nation. The first version has been recorded the 26th of frebruary and sounds more accoustic and was planned to be in 100% Gold/Troublesome, The Secretz of War.
08. We Rock The Hip Hop (by Capital LS, Storm, Young Noble, Greg Nice, Edi, Asu & Kurupt) / ?
  • 6/22/96. Very hard to find. Only available in a mixed form. Included in the One Nation tracklists.
09. Tattoo Tearz [version II] feat. Young Noble, Napoleon, Kastro & Kadafi / Kurupt & Edi
  • 6/17/96. The first version has an easy to recognize Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise sample. Remixed in Still I Rise (1999, Interscope). You can hear 2Pac screaming at the beginning the names of the people from One Nation (like Greg Nice, Cocoa Brovaz...).
10. How Many Shots Will It Take (by Edi, Scorpio, Napoleon, Kidd Creole, Kastro & Melle Mel) /  Duane Nettlesbey
  • 6/21/96. It has the same music - but sounding different - than "Fright Night" recorded nine days earlier as a duet 2Pac/Storm.
11. Military Minds feat. Cocoa Brovaz & Buckshot / Darryl "Big D" Harper
  • 6/19/96. Remixed in Better Dayz (2002).
12. My Own Style (One Nation) feat. Greg Nice, Edi & Young Noble / Johnny J
  • 6/14/96. When you carefully pay attention to the lyrics, you could guess that this song was the so-called "One Nation" from the first tracklist.
  • Sample : Gloria Lynne - Speaking Of Happiness
13. Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) feat. Greg Nice - Studio Philosophy (Interlude) / ?
  • 6/14/96. It is a short freestyle and an interview taken from the One Nation sessions (totally unmixed takes from the studio during One Nation time).
14. Criminal Timez (Lost Troublesome Verse) / Johnny J
  •  5/2/96. Verse dropped off that you can hear in the background of the second version of "Troublesome 96" (behind the first verse). In the One Nation Sessions, 2Pac is working at a mix of this second version so we included this lost verse here.
15. Can U Relate (by Kastro, Napoleon, Edi & Asu) / ?
  • No known date of recording. This song has been included in the record bootleg Revenge iz Sweet by Dramacydal (most tracks of it recorded in 94-95 before Death Row). But in this song we can hear clearly the nicknames of Edi, Kadafi, etc. and they say many times "Outlaw". So this song is more from 1996. With the Asu featuring and the kind of strange sound, it seems to be from the same times than One Nation.
16. Untouchable (Drunken Freestyle) / Johnny J
  • 6/?/96. The song "Untouchable" has been recorded the 10th of june, a few days before the One Nation days. So the freestyle could have been recorded around the same days, even during the sessions. But we chose to include it here because 2Pac planned to include the track "Untouchables" at the end of his One Nation tracklist.

An older cover (made from the well know picture of 2Pac with the One Nation team).

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