1994 - Americaz Crucify

 Picture by Reising & Taylor (1994).

"Americaz Crucify" was an anterior title for the "Me Against the World" album. For his third album, 2Pac also thought to "Nothin' 2 Lose", "Out on Bail", "Stay True", "Youthanasia Amerikaz" or "F.T.W. (Fuck The World)"...

It seems that (like many times) 2Pac has started his new solo project as a compilation of non-released tracks (like "My Definition of a Thug Nigga", "Troublesome"...). Then, it turned and turned again to a whole new album. This project has had many forms and it is useless to try to gather the tracks following one handwritten tracklist. He finally gave some tracks for soundtracks, other for the Thug Life album... He re-recorded some tracks, re-used some verses for new tracks... We kept the title "Nothing 2 Lose" for the 93 sessions and the title "Amerikaz Crucify" for 94 sessions, and tried to gather a cohesive album of leftover tracks.

Like 2Pac said, like the Ready To Die album from his ex-friend Biggie (that he pretended to have inspired), Americaz Crucify should contain a really darker sound than on S4MN. The word "americaz" could be written "amerikkkaz" because we can feel there the influence of Ice Cube’s album "Amerikkkaz Most Wanted", like on "I Don’t give a fuck" in 2Pacalypse Now.

 Untitled Interscope demo tape from the same time (tracklist here, you can find it on the web)

6/1/94. Handwritten tracklist for an album called "Stay True". We made this compilation partially after this tracklist.

On this page are pictures from the same period than Me Against The World, from the serie that has been used for Loyal to Tha Game album. It shows Tupac watching through the window in a Malcolm X style, feeling like a menacing plot against him... It perfectly illustrates the main topic of the album : the pre-feeling of death.

Pictures by Reising & Taylor (1994).

Tracklist :

1. When I Get Free II [version I]
2. My Block (Demo 2)
3. Hellrazor feat. Stretch (backing)
4. Can’t Turn Back feat. Young Akayser (Blackjack) & Spice 1
5. Danger Times feat. Live Squad
6. Fuck All Y’All
7. Life's So Hard
9. High 'Til I Die (Demo)
10. Don't Make Enemies With Me feat. Live Squad, Dramacydal & Sh'Killa
11. Wonder Why They Call U Bitch [version I]
12. My Only Fear of Death [version II]
13. R U Still Down [version I] feat. Natasha Walker (Y?N-Vee)
14. Amerikkka Eatz Itz Young feat. Young Lay, Ray Luv & Mac Mall

Picture by Reising & Taylor (1994).


01. When I Get Free II [version I] feat. Mutah (Dramacydal) (backing) / Bread & Water
  • Published and remastered in R U Still Down (1997). 2Pac will re-record or remix this song for Death Row after being out of jail.
02. My Block (Demo 2) / Easy Mo Bee
  • Released in The Show OST (1995, Def Jam). To the hook, instead of just 2Pac speaking (in the first demo), we have one different guest speaking in the background for each chorus. I think I recognize Richie Rich at the end, maybe Too $hort or MC Breed at the beginning, but I'm not sure. In fact, we can hear them also in the released version, but really in the far background.
  • Sample : Isley Brothers – Don’t Say Goodnight
03. Hellrazor feat. Stretch (backing)  / Live Squad
  • Fairly remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru). Promo Hellrazor (12'') out in 1993.
04. Can’t Turn Back feat. Young Akayser (Blackjack) & Spice 1 / Blackjack
  • Recorded in 1994, 2Pac sounds clearly like on MATW. Released in 1996 on the Blackjack's "Addicted to Drama" sampler tape (on wich you also have The Notorious B.I.G.... for "Young Perspective" - that is why we could think this song was from 94).
05. Danger Times feat. Live Squad / Live Squad
  • Recorded in 1994 (cf. live-squad.com). Seems to have been recorded for the first album of Live Squad (Game of Survival, unreleased), but never included in the bootlegs from the group.
06. Fuck All Y’All / 2Pac
  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru). Eventually the topic of the song turned into "Fuck The World" and "Me Against The World". Supposed to be in Stay True album.
07. Life's So Hard / Stretch
  • Recorded at the end of 1993 (written 1993 on Live-squad.com). Re-recorded and remixed in 96 by Daz in a Death Row style for the "Gang related OST" (1997, Death Row) with a new verse and Snoop Dogg's backing vocals. Included in a 94's demo tape between "Dear Mama OG" and "Str8 Ballin'".
09. High 'Til I Die (Demo) / Tony Pizzaro
  • Recorded in 1994. Released in Sunset Park OST (1996, EastWest), it contains some verses from 1993's "High Till I Die" version from Thug Life’s Out on Bail Demo. It’s clearly not been recorded in 1995, when you hear Pac’s voice. Tony Pizzaro who produced "Dear Mama" probably recorded it in the same "Me Against The World" sessions during 1994. Supposed to be included in Stay True album between "Dear Mama" and "Str8 Ballin'".
10. (Don’t Make) Enemies With Me [original] feat. Live Squad, Young Thugz & Sh’Killa / Live Squad
  • Recorded in 1994 (live-squad.com). This song was recorded before the NY shooting and then remixed for Death Row, but without Live Squad's & Sh’Killa's verses. So it became a sort of accusation against his ex-best friend Stretch. Sh'Killa was a female rapper, South Central Cartel's proteg√©. This Death Row remix has been released in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).
11. Wonder Why They Call U Bitch [version I] / Johnny J
  • Recorded in '94 for Stay True/Amerikaz Crucify and re-recorded (2 times) for Death Row's AEOM (1996).
12. My Only Fear of Death [version II] / Live Squad
  • Probably remixed in 1994. It is strange that this track sound un-complete in comparison of the first version of the song (cf. Out on Bail), like a pre-version (as if the original sample couldn't be cleared). This mix has less effects and let the voice of 2Pac alone with the beat and a musical background. But this is this version that was on some Demo tapes of Stay True in 94.
13. R U Still Down [version I] feat. Natasha Walker (Y?N-Vee) / Shock G
  • Recorded in 1994 for Me Against The world, leftover track (cf wikipedia). A second version with a new verse at the end (instead of the first one) - talking about the judgement to come - has been produced by Tony Pizarro. This second version has been released in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).
  • Sample: Michael Jackson “Remember The Time”.
14. Amerikkka Eatz Itz Young feat. Young Lay, Ray Luv & Mac Mall / Khayree
  • 2Pac say "in 94" at the end of the song. This is the original version of "I Gotta Survive" remixed later for Young Lay's album Black 'N Dangerous (1996, Atlantic). This song is in perfect harmony with the title of this album. Let’s notice that it features Ray Luv, Pac’s partner in Strictly Dope group, before Digital Underground (cf Beginnings/The Lost Tapes).

Picture by Reising & Taylor (1994).

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