Posthumous discography


blue color : original version or just remastered or cleant
orange color : maybe an alternate original version or close to the original version.

  • 1997 - 1 in 21 : A Tupac Shakur Story (with Force One Network & Strictly Dope) (1997, AIM)april 18, 2000 - The Lost Tapes (with Strictly Dope) (2000, ZYX)june 12, 2007 - Beginnings : The Lost Tapes 1988-1991 (with Strictly Dope) (Koch)

1. Panther Power feat. Ray Luv / Chopmaster J
2. The Case Of The Misplaced Mic feat. Ray Luv
 / Chopmaster J & Darrell Savage (Force One Network)
3. Let Knowledge Drop feat. Ray Luv* / Chopmaster J
4. Never Be Beat feat. Ray Luv
 / Chopmaster J
5. A Day In The Life feat. Ray Luv*
 / Chopmaster J
6. My Burnin' Heart
 / Chopmaster J
7. Minnie The Moocher feat. Ray Luv*
 / Chopmaster J
8. The Case Of The Misplaced Mic II*
 / Chopmaster J
9. Static mix I
 / Chopmaster J & Willi Mac (Force One Network)
10. Static mix II
 / Chopmaster J & Willi Mac (Force One Network)
Strictly Dope are Tupac, Ray "Luv" Tyson & Chopmaster J. Turntables by Dj Dizzy & Dj Fuze (Digital Underground).
*These tracks were not on the first 1997's edition.

Presentation from the 1997's edition :
"1 in 21 - A Statistic. One in twenty one black males in the United States will die in an act of violence. 
26 year old Tupac Shakur was shot in the chest four times whilst riding in a car on September 5th, 1996, in Las Vegas Nevada. He died on September 13th, 1996. His first recordings in 1990 as a member of Strictly Dope are featured on 1 in 21 as well as his 1992 (sic.) collaboration with Force One Network on "Static"

Presentation from the 2000's edition :
"After loosing my home and recording studio in the 1991 Oakland Firestorm, I recently came across the demo tapes I recorded in the summer of 1989 with Tupac and Strictly Dope. I assumed they had perished in the blaze like everything else but to my surprise they turned up to my mother's basement where I store my belongings between Digital Underground concert tours. I Thought that Tupac's fans would like to hear what his first rocordings sounded like back when turntables, TR-808 and SP-12 drum machines and socially conscious themes ruled Hip-Hop. 
And before Tupac went on to rule the world. So They are... The Lost Tapes... 

Chopmaster J"

  • november 25, 1997- R U Still Down ? (Remember Me) (Amaru / Interscope)

CD 1 :
1. Redemption / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
2. Open Fire / Akshun
3. R U Still Down ? (remember me) / Tony Pizarro
// This version is really different from the original long version (6'). It contains a different 3rd verse. So it could really be another original version.
4. Hellrazor [remix] / QD3
5. Thug Style [remix] / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
6. Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude) / 2Pac, Tony Pizarro
7. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto [remix] / Karlin, Soulshock
8. Nothing To Lose / 2Pac, Live Squad
9. I'm Gettin Money [remix] / Mike Mosley
10. Lie To Kick It feat. Richie Rich [remix] / Warren G
11. Fuck All Y'all [remix] / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
12. Let Them Thangs Go [remix] / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
13. Definition Of A Thug Nigga / Warren G
// already available on Poetic Justice OST.

CD 2 :
1. Ready 4 Whatever feat. Big Syke / Johnny J
2. When I Get Free / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
3. Hold On Be Strong [remix] / Choo
4. I'm Losin It feat. Big Syke, Spice 1 [remix] / Tony Pizarro
5. Fake Ass Bitches [remix] / Johnny J
6. Do For Love [remix] feat. Eric Williams (Blackstreet) / Karlin, Soulshock
// This remix uses the "Sucka 4 Love version from 1995, not the 1992's and it's very close to the original.
7. Enemies With Me feat. Outlawz [remix] / We Got Kidz, Ricky Rouse
8. Nothin But Love feat. Dave The Black Angel / 2Pac, Dj Daryl
// already available on "I Get Around (12'')".
9. 16 On Death Row [remix] / 2Pac, Ricky Rouse
10. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto [Hip-Hop Version] feat. Maxee / Karlin, Soulshock
11. When I Get Free II / Chris Rosser
12. Black Starry Night (Interlude) [remix] / Dj Daryl
// known as "Against All Odds (interlude)", intro from 1992.
13. Only Fear Of Death / Live Squad

"I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto"

"Do 4 Love [remix]" feat. Eric Williams

2Pac Ft. Eric Williams-Do For Love (Music Video) from Janadrian Bettard on Vimeo.

  • november 24, 1998- Greatest Hits (Death Row / Interscope) 

CD 1 :
1. Keep Ya Head Up
2. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
3. Temptations
4. God Bless the Dead feat. Stretch / Stretch & 2Pac
5. Hail Mary feat. Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe
6. Me Against the World feat. Dramacydal
7. How Do U Want It [uncensored] feat. K-Ci & Jojo
// (Some lyrics are censored from the original album version)

8. So Many Tears
9. Unconditional Love / Johnny J
10. Trapped [uncensored]
// (Some lyrics are censored from the original album version)
11. Life Goes On
12. Hit Em Up feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
// already available on "How Do U Want It (12'')".

CD 2 :
1. Troublesome 96' / Johnny J
2. Brenda's Got a Baby feat. Dave Hollister
3. I Ain't Mad At Cha feat. Danny Boy
4. I Get Around feat. Digital Underground
5. Changes feat. Talent [remix] / Deon Evans, 2Pac
Pac's voice has been slowed down to give the late feeling of his voice.

6. California Love feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman / Dr. Dre
// already available on California Love (12'').

7. Picture Me Rollin' feat. Danny Boy, CPO & Big Syke
8. How Long Will They Mourn Me ? feat. Thug Life & Nate Dogg
9. Toss It Up feat. K-Ci & Jojo, Danny Boy & Aaron Hall [altered mix with altered lyrics]
10. Dear Mama
11. All About U feat. Nate Dogg, Top Dogg & Outlawz
12. To Live & Die in L.A. feat. Val Young
13. Heartz of Men

"Unconditional Love"

2Pac - Changes par jonakid

  • 1998 - Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go 2 Sleep (The EP) (D.P.G. Records, unofficial)

1. Wake Up My People (Intro)
2. Don't Go 2 Sleep [Daz remix] feat. Tha Dogg Pound
3. First To Bomb [Daz remix] feat. Daz & Tanya Herron
4. Let's Get It, Let's Fight [Daz remix] feat. Daz
5. Um Dumpin' (Dump or Die) [Daz remix] feat. Daz & Young Assassins
6. They Don't Give A Fuck About Us [original version] feat. Outlawz
7. Don't Go 2 Sleep [original Daz remix] feat. Edi & Daz
8. First To Bomb [orginal version] feat. Outlawz
Bonus Tracks (from 2001's re-release) :
9. Don't Go 2 Sleep [Soul-G mix] feat. Tha Dogg Pound
10. Only Move 4 Tha Money (aka Muthefuckaz Not Knowin' [Daz remix]) feat. Daz & Bad Azz
11. First To Bomb [Eek mix]
12. First To Bomb [instrumental]

Produced (remixed) by Dat Nigga Daz aka Daz Dillinger. 
These tracks are all remixes except "First To Bomb [original]" and maybe "They Don't Give A Fuck [original]" that seem to be versions originally produced by Daz for 2Pac. "Don't Go 2 Sleep [original]" was not supposed to feature Daz verse, neither the other tracks.
Tracks 10 "Only move 4 tha money" has a never released nor leaked (in original or official version) verse from 2Pac.

  • december 21, 1999 - Still I Rise (with Outlawz) (Death Row / Amaru / Interscope)

1. Letter To The President [remix] feat. Outlawz / QD3
// This remix uses the same sample than the OG but changes verses from the Outlawz, especially Hussein.
2. Still I Rise [remix]
feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
3. Secretz of War [remix] feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
4. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up 2) [remix]
feat. Outlawz / 2Pac, Karlin, Soulshock
5. As The World Turns
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Darryl Harper
6. Black Jesuz [remix] / 2Pac, L Rock Ya
7. Homeboyz feat. Young Noble / Daz Dillinger
// We don't know any other versions of this song so this one could eventually be the original.
8. Hell 4 A Hustler
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Damon Thomas
9. High Speed
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Darryl Harper
10. The Good Die Young [remix] feat. Outlawz / Darryl Harper
11. Killuminati
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Tony Pizarro
12. Teardrops And Closed Caskets
[remix] feat. Outlawz / QD3
13. Tattoo Tears
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Kurupt
14. U Can Be Touched / Johnny J
15. Y'all Don't Know Us (by Outlawz) / Quimmy Quim, Reef

"Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) [remix]" feat. Outlawz

2Pac Ft. Outlawz-Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) (Uncensored Music Video) from Janadrian Bettard on Vimeo.

  • 1999 - The Here After (ZYX, unofficial)

1. Dedication (by Down Ass Niggaz aka D.A.N. Hustlers)
2. Real Bad Boys (aka Mind of a Bad Boy [Keep On Thuggin' remix]) feat. Assassin & Daddy Marco
// from compilation "3 Beam Circus" (1998, Swerve Records)
3. Be The Realist (aka Let's Get It On [remix]) feat. The Notorious B.I.G & Trapp
// from Trapp's album "Stop the Gunfight" (1997, Intersound)
4. Ooh Wee (by D.A.N. Hustlers)
5. California Hustler (by D.A.N. Hustlers)
6. Raise Up Off N.U.T.S. (aka Static remix) feat. D'Wayne Wiggins (Tony Toni Tone), Akil (Jurassic 5) & Ashley (aka Sylk-E)
// from compilation "The Heat" (1997, BOSS)
7. Monday Morning (by D.A.N. Hustlers)*
8. Runnin' [Stop the Gun Fight remix] feat. The Notorious B.I.G.
// from Trapp's album "Stop the Gunfight" (1997, Intersound) 
9. West Coast (by B.P.)
10. Never Say Never (by D.A.N. Hustlers)*
11. Criminal [remix]
// unreleased track from 1991-1992
12. Slippin' Into Darkness [Salsa con Soulfood remix] feat. Funky Aztecs
// from Funky Aztecs album "Day of the Dead" (1995, TNT) 

This album is made of remix versions and non-Tupac tracks. 
- "Criminal [remix]" seems to have been overseen by Tupac in 1991-1992 and was supposed to be part of an album of these times.
- "Slippin into the Darkness" re-use 2Pac's verse from his first featuring with Funky Aztecs on their 1992's album "Chicano Blues". Funky Aztecs was a latino rap group close to Pee Wee, member of the Underground Railroad who produced for 2Pac on his first album, collective close to Digital Underground and Tupac. In 1995 2Pac was in jail. So we can suppose that 2Pac wanted to help them with their second album and purpose them to remix "Salsa con Soulfood". And Funky Aztecs even made a video clip of this song so it must have been made with Pac's agreement.
- "Runnin [Stop the Gunfight remix]" is a successful remix of the 1993's song, restricted to the only superstars Pac & Biggie. By the time of 1997, after death of both of them, Trapp felt the song as a proof that 2Pac & Biggie were and could have still been friends and produced the remix as a manifest of peace between east coast and west coast. "Be the realest (Let's Get it on remix)" used the original instrumental and take off verses from Heavy D, Grand Puba and Spunk Bigga from the 1994's song but it adds a non-welcome verse of Trapp
- "Real Bad Boys [Keep on thuggin' remix]" is a remix from a 1993's 2Pac/Bo$$ featuring. Assassin took off the Dee tha Mad Bitch's verse and put his own. He as well put Pac's verse in the first position and add an artificial but well felt hook saying "Bad Boys can't stop Thug Life" giving oil to the East Coast/ West Coast fire
- "Raise Up Off These N.U.T.S." could be a new recorded verse of Static as well as a remix, difficult to say. 2Pac already recorded "Thug Luv [version I]" with Sylk E.
* These tracks contain sort of mix of Pac's voice.
"West Coast" is a good rap song by B.P. sounding like imitating 2Pac with talent.

  • october 17, 2000 - The Rose That Grew From Concrete (poetry from Tupac Shakur interpreted by various artists) (Uni/Amaru/Interscope)

1. 2Pac (Interlude)
2. Babatunde Olatunji & Sikiru Adepoju - Wake Me When I'm Free
3. Mos Def - Can U C The Pride In The Panthers (Male Version)
4. Sonia Sanchez - When Ure Heart Turns Cold
5. Dead Prez - U R Rippin Us Apart
6. Jasmine Guy - Tears Of A Teenage Mother
7. Reverend Run - God
8. Red Rat - And, Still I Love You
9. Mos Def - Can U C The Pride In The Panthers (Female Version)
10. Providence & Ras Daveed El Herar - If There Be Pain
11. Danny Glover, Afeni Shakur & The Cast of Lion King - A River That Flows Forever
12. Nikki Giovanni - The Rose That Grew From Concrete
13. Geronimo Ji Jaga & Outlawz - In The Event Of My Demise
14. Tre from The Pharcyde - What Of A Love Unspoken
15. Dan Rockett - Sometimes I Cry
16. Q-Tip - The Fear In The Heart Of A Man
17. Quincy Jones & Mac Mall - Starry Night
18. Russell Simmons - What Of Fame
19. Rha Goddess - Only 4 The Righteous
20. Sarah Jones - Why Must U Be Unfaithful
21. 4th Avenue Jones - Wife 4 Life
22. Malcolm Jamal Warner - Lady Liverty Needs Glasses
23. Lamar Antwon Robinson & Impact Repertory Theatre Group - Family Tree
24. Lamar Antwon Robinson & Impact Repertory Theatre Group - Thug Blues
25. Chief Okena Littlehawk - The Sun & The Moon

  • march 27, 2001 - Until The End Of Time (Amaru / Interscope)

CD 1 : 
1. Ballad of a Dead Soulja / Johnny J
2. Fuck Friend
[remix] / QD3
3. Lil' Homies
[remix] / Johnny J
4. Let Em Have It
[remix] feat. SKG / LT Hutton
5. Good Life feat. Big Syke, Edi / Mike Mosley
6. Letter 2 My Unborn [remix] / Tone, Franky Nitty Pimental
7. Breathin'
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
8. Happy Home feat. Yusef Sharid [remix] / Crooked Eye, Dareen Vegas, Jim Gettums
9. All Out feat. Outlawz
[remix] / Big Simon Says
10. Fuckin' Wit' The Wrong Nigga / Hurt-M-Badd
11. Thug N U Thug N Me
[remix] feat. K-Ci & Jojo / Jamie Jones, Jason Pennock
12. Everything They Own
[remix] / Johnny J
13. Until the End of Time feat. RL
[remix] / Tone, Franky Nitty Pimental
14. M.O.B. feat. Outlawz, Thug Life
[remix] / Art Banks, Sonny B
15. Worldwide Mob Figgaz feat. Outlawz
[remix] / Johnny J
CD 2 :
1. Big Syke Interlude (by Big Syke) / Cold 187um
2. My Closest Road Dogz
[remix] / Johnny J
3. Niggaz Nature
[remix] feat. Lil'Mo / QD3
4. When Thugz Cry
[remix] / Johnny J
5. U Don't Have 2 Worry
[remix] feat. Outlawz / QD3
6. This Ain't Livin
[remix] / Johnny J
7. Why U Turn on Me ?
[remix] / Crooked Eye, Dareen Vegas, Jim Gettums
8. Last One's Left
[remix] feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
9. Thug N U Thug N Me
[remix] feat. K-Ci & Jojo / Johnny J
10. Words 2 My First Born
[remix] feat. Above The Law / Dj Quik
11. Let Em Have It [remix] feat. Lisa Left Eye Lopes / LT Hutton
12. Runnin' on E feat. Outlawz / 2Pac
13. When I Get Free [remix] / Cold 187um
14. Until the End of Time [RP Remix] feat. Richard Page / Tone, Franky Nitty Pimental

"Until The End of Time [remix]" feat. RL

2Pac Until The End Of Time - YouTube from Ahmed Muse on Vimeo.

  •  november 26, 2002 - Better Dayz (Amaru / Death Row / Interscope)

CD 1 :
1. Intro / 7 Aurelius
2. Still Ballin [Franky Nitty Pimental remix] feat. Trick Daddy / Franky "Nitty" Pimental
3. When We Ride On Our Enemies [Briss remix] / Briss
4. Changed Man [Jazze Pha remix] feat. T.I, Jazze Pha & Johnta' Austin (chorus) / Jazze Pha
5. F*** Them All (Bad Boy Killaz) feat. Outlawz (Kadafi, Edi, Young Noble, Napoleon, Kastro) / Johnny J
6. Never B Peace [Nitty remix] feat. Outlawz
/ Franky "Nitty" Pimental
7. Mama's Just A Little Girl [KP remix] feat. Kimmy Hill / KP
8. Street Fame [Briss remix] / Briss
9. Whatcha Gonna Do [remix] feat. Outlawz (Kastro, Young Noble) / Edi
10. Fair Xchange [Jazze Pha remix] feat. Jazze Pha (chorus) / Jazze Pha
11. Late Night feat. Outlawz (Hussein & Kastro) / Dj Quik
12. Ghetto Star feat. Nutso / GO Twice
13. Thugz Mansion feat. Nas, J. Phoenix (chorus) / Claudio Cueni, Michael Herring
CD 2 :
1. My Block [Nitty remix]
/ Franky "Nitty" Pimental
2. Thugz Mansion [7 Aurelius remix] feat. Anthony Hamilton (chorus) / 7 Aurelius
3. Never Call U B**** Again [remix] feat. Tyrese (chorus) / Johnny J
4. Better Dayz / Johnny J
5. U Can Call [Jazze Pha remix] feat. Jazze Pha (chorus) / Jazze Pha
6. Military Minds [Edi remix] feat. Buckshot, Cocoa Brovaz / Darryl Harper / Edi
7. (Fortune &) Fame feat. Outlawz (Kadafi, Kastro, Napoleon, Young Noble)
8. Fair Xchange [Troy Johnson remix] feat. Mya (chorus) / Troy Johnson
9. Catchin Feelins [Edi remix] feat. Outlawz / Edi
10. There U Go [remix] feat. Outlawz (Edi, Young Noble, Kastro, Big Syke), Jazze Pha (chorus) / Johnny J
11. This Life I Lead [remix] feat. Outlawz / Johnny J
12. Who Do You Believe In feat. Kadafi / Johnny J
13. They Don't Give A F*** About Us feat. Outlawz / Johnny J

 "Thug'z Mansion [remix]" feat. Nas & J. Phoenix

Tupac feat nas - thugz mansion par cavapanon

  •  november 11, 2003 - Resurrection (OST) (Amaru / Interscope)

1. Intro
2. (Ghetto) Ghost [remix] / Eminem
3. One Day at a Time [Em's Version] feat. Eminem & Outlawz / Eminem
4. Death Around the Corner 
5. Secretz of War [remix] feat. Outlawz
6. Runnin' [remix] (Dying to Live) feat. The Notorious B.I.G. / Eminem
7. Holler If Ya Hear Me
8. Starin' Through My Rear View feat. Outlawz
9. Bury Me a G feat. Thug Life
10. Same Song feat. Digital Underground
// already available on Digital Underground's "This is an EP release".

11. Panther Power feat. Ray Luv (Strictly Dope)/ Dj Chopmaster J
// already available on "Beginnings : The Lost Tapes".
12. Str8 Ballin'
13. Rebel of the Underground 
14. The Realist Killaz [remix] feat. 50 Cent / Red Spyda
// remix of "Let's Fight" from One Nation album. 

"Runnin' [dying to live remix]" feat. The Notorious B.I.G.

B.I.G & 2pac - Runnin (Dying To Live) par kaz1988

  • december 12, 2004 - Loyal To The Game (Amaru / Interscope)

Only remixed material in a modern vibe.

"Ghetto Gospel [remix]"

Ghetto Gospel par rampage92
  • november 18, 2006 - Pac's Life (Amaru / Interscope)

Only remixed material in a modern vibe.

"Pac's Life [remix]"

2Pac - Pacs Life par im-1

 "Play Your Cards Right [remix]"

Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right par MisterRrr

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