1995 - All Eyez on Me (Euthanasia Demo)

All Eyez on Me (Euthanasia Demo)

Below, you can see the cover of a bootleg called "Euphanasia" that contained demo versions of All Eyez on Me. This bootleg could eventually be an intermediate state between Euthanasia from jail time and AEOM with a modified acceptable name ("ph" being alteration of the pronunciation of Greek letter "th").

Unleaked : Til I C L.A., Tribulations 

Note – The Song Versions Are Ruff Mixes By Individual Producer Before The Dj Quik Final Mix Downs And Overdubs.

Book I

01. Ambitionz Az A Ridah 433 (Retail 43 - No Lets Get Ready To Rumble At Beginning,Extra Keyboard Melody And Extra Adlibs Through Out The Whole Song.

02. All About U 442 (Reatil 436) - 2pac Talking Before Track Begins, Different Mix On Main Keyboard Melody And A Different Beat Break Down When Snoop Starts To Talk.

03. Skandalouz 430 (Retail 40 - 2pac Talking To Daz And Nate Before Track Begins And Also Live Bass Guitar Musician Vibing To The Intro Of Beat. The Beat Begins With Live Bass Guitar Being Played On Top And Unheard Longer 2pac Outro.

04. Got My Mind Made Up 511 (Retail 512) - Method Man's Verse Is Uneditted Where He Mentions Jews. I Think Jimmy Had Something To Do With That.

05. How Do U Want It 435 (Evo 446) - Different Beat Break Downs, 2pac And Louder Female Singer Vocals On The Hooks.

06. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted 357 (Retail 406) - Extra Talking And Different Beat Break Down On Intro, Louder Daz Vocals On Hook. 2pac Talks Near The End Of The Track And Pac Vocals On The Outro Contain Different Vocal Effects Then Retail.

07. No More Pain - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

08. Hearts Of Men - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

09. Life Goes On 514 (Retail 504) – Extra Guitar Melodies, Different Take On Female Vocals And Longer Than Retail.

10. Only God Can Judge Me 502 (457) – Different Mix And Beat Break Down On Intro, Rappin 4 Tay Messes Up During Verse.

11. Tradin' War Stories - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

12. California Love 625 (12” Promo 629) - Extra Roger Troutman Vocals With Different Elements And Breaks Downs Through Out Song.

13. I Aint Mad At Cha 452 (Retail 454) – Extra Keyboard Melody And Different Mix.

14. Whatz Ya Phone Number 504 (Retail 508 - Different Mix, Breakdowns And Keyboard Melodies Through Out Song.

Book II

01. Can’t C Me - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

02. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug - Different Breaks Through Out Song.

03. Holla At Me 412 (Retail 456) - Alternate Beat With Different Sampled Drums. No Singer Through Out Song & Extra 2pac Hooks At The End.

04. Wonder Why They Call U ***** 410 (Retail 419) - Totally Different Intro Which Contains Og Sample. Different Mix & Breaks With Faith On The Hooks And No Deloris Tucker Diss At The End.

05. When We Ride 515 (Retail 509) - Different Intro Beat Breakdown And Alternate Effect On 2pac’s Intro Voice. Different Mix And Breaks Throught Out Entire Song And Extra 2pac Talking In Alternate Voice At The End.

06. Thug Passion 452 (Retail 508 - Different Mix, Breaks And A Different Rhythum Guitar Melody. No Dj Quik Talk Box.

07. Picture Me Rollin' 518 (Retail 515) - Has 2pac Coughing And Saying **** Before TrackBegins, Different Breaks Through Out Song. Different Outro With The Original Sample Playing While 2pac’s Voice Fades Away. Also Alternate Singing By Danny Boy On Outro.

08. Check Out Time - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

09. Id Rather Be Ya Nigga 419 (Retail 414) - Different Mix With Alternate Outro By 2pac And Richie Rich

10. Run The Streetz 319 (Retail 517) - Different Mix, Different Intro Beat Breakdown And Unheard 2pac Verse.

11. All Eyez On Me 448 (Retail 508 - Different Mix On All Guitar Tracks (Rhythum, Bass Etc) And Alternate Take On Big Syke’s Verse.

12. Aint Hard 2 Find - No Difference, Added Since It Was On The Dat.

13. Heaven Aint Hard 2 Find 442 (Retail 358 - Different Mix, Extra Talking On Hooks And A Unheard 2pac & Danny Boy Outro.

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